Tongue piercing and sex

Remember back in school when every popular kid had a tongue piercing and you were just that boring, ear-pierced nerd whose parents would never let them be so cool? Well apparently, that still happens today because pierced tongues are actually still a thing. Think again. Prices will vary depending on what piercing you go to, but those are the average figures. Unless you want like a Swarovski crystal in your mouth, then that might be abit extra.
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The Tongue Piercing: Everything You Need to Know

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Tongue piercing and oral sex?

It helps us taste fantastic cuisine and speak beautiful words. What better way to draw attention to and celebrate it than with a tongue piercing? Tongue piercings come in two main types: the midline tongue piercing, located in the center of the tongue, and the side tongue piercing, located either to the right or left of center. The midline tongue piercing is by far the most popular, but depending on the location of the veins in the tongue, some people are unable to get their tongue pierced directly in the middle.

Tongue Piercing FAQ

Top definition. Ring through tongue. Great for making out and giving head.
As a young woman in art school — at the exploratory age of 20 — there were two things I wanted above all else: To have a kitten and to get a tongue piercing. The tongue piercing, however, I wanted because I found them to be wholly intriguing. In my mind, making the choice to pierce my tongue was a way for me to exercise my unalienable rights in regard to my body and to dive into the realm of body modifications which represent absolute individualism in my opinion. So knowing my heart's utmost desires, my dear, sweet roommate opted to get me a tongue piercing as a gift.
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